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Shawn Rabban

Shawn Rabban

Stated Income Commercial Loan

Stated Income Commercial Loan
City Capital Realty

We provide Real Estate Financing for the purchase of industrial, office, retail or mixed-use properties in 13 major US Markets.

While tax returns aren’t required, the property must be able to demonstrate the ability to service the debt (DSCR) at a specific loan amount and the sponsor(s) must meet minimum financial capacity and credit requirements

  • No personal tax returns
  • No business tax returns
  • No 4506-T

City Capital Realty¬†will look to verify the property’s ability to service the new loan payments by obtaining the following documents for the subject property.

  • Two most recent years income and expense statements
  • Year to date income and expense statement
  • Current rent roll
  • Sampling of leases
  • Tax bill
  • Appraisal
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